30 Pieces of Silver

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30 Pieces of Silver…
Did you know James Rollins recommends, 30 Pieces of Silver, the #1 Kindle Bestseller in Men’s Adventure, Techno-thriller & War genres?

***Warning*** In advance of you invest in this e-book be sure to be aware that 30 Pieces of Silver is an extremely controversial religious/historic thriller. Too controversial to be printed in hardback. Be sure to do NOT invest in this e-book if you were at all disturbed by the DaVinci Code or The Passion of Christ’s revelations.

Nonetheless if you like your fiction to challenge historic events, study on…

Praise for 30 Pieces of Silver
“Carolyn McCray’s 30 Pieces OF SILVER proves that Dan Brown’s crown is up for grabs. Section minefield and all roller-coaster experience, listed here is a tale as controversial as it is thriller.
Hunker down for a long night due to the fact when you start this e-book you will not be placing it down.”
James Rollins,
NY Situations bestseller of Bloodline

Other five out of five star assessments…
“The creator manages to weave the great traces of historic point, architectural attractiveness, generations of folklore, the pain of historic catastrophes and her have amazingly clever fictional feelings, all into one particular fantastic carpet of multicoloured fibers.”
Cheyl M-M
Amazon Reviewer

“This was one particular of the greatest guides I have ever study! She intertwined past and present with these types of ease. The historic figures come to life. This e-book will make you thoroughly rethink what you have often been taught about the dying of Christ. I are not able to hold out to study the relaxation of her function if this is
any indicator of how fantastic a writer she is.

Linda Butterfield
Amazon Reviewer

Overview of 30 Pieces OF SILVER…
A Christian suicide bomber.
John the Baptist’s bones inscribed in ancient Greek.
A dark top secret carried from the foot of the crucifixion.

Can science fix the world’s biggest mystery?

Much more praise…
“From the opening explosion at the base of the Eiffel Tower uncovering a trove of skeletons to the closing scenes all through Italy, the tale includes a lookup for the continues to be of Jesus. Rebecca
Monroe is “saved” from the clutches of a snake by Sgt. Brandt and his distinctive ops crew
deep in the Ecuadorian jungle… This starts a roller coaster experience that is intertwined with an equally attention-grabbing tale of Jesus and Judas and their travels and trials.”

Mr. Neil
Thrillers Rock Twitter

For any individual who hungers for some severe controversy and are not able to get plenty of of James Rollins, Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and Brad Thor… 30 Pieces OF SILVER is your following thrill fix!!!

Other Functions
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