Deluxe Shave Properly Fog-free Shower Mirror – #1 Best-seller in the Shower Mirror Classification on Amazon – 33% Bigger Than the Original Shave Properly Mirror

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A shut, snug shave calls for a whole lot of humidity. What superior position to get damp than in the shower! Only by its one of a kind style and design, The Deluxe Shave Properly Firm Definitely FOG Free of charge mirror will alter the way you sense about shaving in the shower.

Warm it up!
To get that genuinely fog-free reflection with your Shave Properly mirror, maintain it less than the shower stream for a couple of seconds to “heat it up” proper in advance of you shave.

Suction cups really don’t suck!
Suction cups really don’t suck! The adhesive hook affixes to any shower surface area keeping Shave Properly mirror solidly in position. No a lot more suction cups falling off of the wall. Also, since Shave Properly mirror is detachable from the wall mounted hook it is incredibly quick to cleanse for a obvious reflection every single time you use it.

What is fog and why does it occur?
Fog is merely condensation. Shower water is considerably warmer than the air temperature of most homes. Your heat shower heats the air and it results in being saturated. This heat moist air results in being fog or condensation which collects on all cooler surfaces – like mirrors.

How is the Shave Properly mirror genuinely fog free?
The Shave Properly Firm shower shaving mirror is fog free merely by style and design! In the couple of seconds you maintain it less than the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to develop a prolonged long lasting, genuinely fog free impression for the duration of your shower. No a lot more temperature difference – no a lot more fog.

As Goldilocks mentioned it really is just proper.
The Deluxe Shave Properly Firm fog free shower shave mirror measures 6.83″ tall, five.25″ huge and is 1/eight” thick. The Deluxe Shave Properly mirror is 33% more substantial than our unique #1 marketing Shave Properly mirror and offers a more substantial viewing location to aid your shaving or facial cleansing knowledge. The foundation of the adhesive hook (the aspect that sticks to the wall) is 1″ x 1 1/2″.