Easy On/Off Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter MacBook – Anti Glare (MacBook Air 13)

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Keep Your Screen Confidential and Private

Many things in life are better when shared. Your laptop screen is not among them. This MacBook Air privacy screen keeps your confidential and private information just that — private. This filter mounts to your laptop screen and utilizes privacy technology so only people in front of your computer (or directly behind you) can see your display. Nosy coworkers, competitors, and strangers will only see a black screen.

Only Fits 13 Inch MacBook Airs

This privacy filter only fits 13 inch MacBook Airs. Actual filter dimensions are 11 5/16 inches wide x 7 1/16 inches high (287 x 179 mm). If you are unsure if your model is a 13 inch MacBook Air, as long as the horizontal and vertical measurements are the same, the screen will fit.

What Size is My Screen?

1. Measure the height and width of your screen up to the silver frame.

2. Do the measurements match 11 5/16 inches WIDE by 7 1/16 inches TALL? If so, this is the right product for you.

3. If NOT, you have a different model and this product will not fit. We recommend searching Amazon to find the exact Apple privacy screen for your needs.

Package Contents

Removable privacy screen for 13″ MacBook Air

No attachment parts needed!

Rest Assured with Our Lifetime Guarantee

If you are ever unsatisfied with the performance of your privacy screen, we’ll refund your payment!