HOEREV Super Gentle Modal Spandex Harem Yoga/ Pilates Pants

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Don this preferred pattern to function out or chill out in complete ease and comfort and style. Perfect for functions like get-togethers, meditation or massage periods, seaside bumming, yoga, pilates, or dance practice and aerobics. Superb for occasions when unfastened and at ease is a must like at evening or when you are dressing for two!
Materials: ninety five% Modal, five% Nylon

Dimensions Entire body Height Entire body Excess weight Pant Duration
XS 155cm-162cm 46kg-51kg 94cm
S 163cm-167cm 52kg-57kg 100cm
M 168cm-172cm 57kg-62kg 106cm
L 172cm-176cm 62kg-67kg 110cm

Note: Wash independently, machine wash fragile cycle or hand wash, drip dry. Operates Compact.


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