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$24.ninety nine

Miniature Spy Scope

This compact spy scope is miniature but ‘very’ effective
With this equipment you can zero in a vehicle license plate from two blocks absent and able to plainly read all the letters
The optics system is manufactured of double optical prism which cuts down its dimensions substantially to in good shape in the palm of you hand
The exterior body is manufactured of tough and feather-excess weight metallic alloy
The least distance is 3 meters, ideal instance for this, is the capacity to read a bar code of a box on top rated of a tall warehouse shelf
This spy scope utilizes progress optics system which boosts brightness by 10 -twenty% when used at night
This product can be used indoor or outdoor and effortless to operate
Approximate dimension: 3″ x 1 3/four” x 1 1/two”
Approximate excess weight: 1.seventy six oz
Fulfillment Ensure: ‘If you are not impressed with this product, we are going to obtain it back again!’

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